Wolf Mountain IP performs patent analysis, patent searches, patent claim charting, patent portfolio consulting, patent brokerage assistance, patent litigation expert witness testimony, and invention review. Patent analysis focuses on technologies such as the following:

Mobile Technologies & Mobile Application Platforms

Mobile devices, mobile user interface, location-based services, navigation guidance, mobile social networking, mobile advertisements, mobile messaging, smart cards, near field communication (NFC), RFID, Android, iOS, J2ME, BlackBerry, BREW.

Web Applications & Messaging

HTML, XML, XSLT, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, SQL, RSS/ATOM, AJAX, web services, web servers, web television, data visualization/reporting, SMS, instant messaging, electronic mail, MMS.

Wireless & Data Communications

3GPP (UMTS and LTE), IEEE 802.11 (Wi-Fi), 3GPP2, IP, TCP, HTTP, UDP, Ethernet traffic analysis, DNS, data link control, packet switching, circuit switching, routing protocols, SIP.

Security & Software

cryptography, e-commerce, embedded systems, RTOS, object-oriented design and languages.


Scott Hicks is President of Wolf Mountain IP and a registered US Patent Agent and patent analyst.

Why choose Wolf Mountain IP and Scott Hicks?

Scott has over 20 years of experience working in the mobile communications industry. He has contributed in a variety of roles, as a wireless parametric integration and verification engineer, a mobile device firmware engineer, a cellular base station firmware engineer, a systems engineer, a standards representative, a software sales engineer, and a software team manager. Scott has written software/firmware that was commercialized in the following: dozens of wireless phone models, accounting for millions of units; cellular base stations; numerous mobile applications; and multiple websites. He acted as direct interface to wireless telecommunications customers to drive successful completion of design, implementation, and commercialization of mobile device software features.

Scott holds 14 US patents covering wireless communications, mobile devices, and smart cards. For the past several years Scott has been performing various patent-related analyses including claim chart creation and patent and invention searches — searches include patentability, landscape, mining, and freedom to operate. Scott has published numerous blog posts covering patent analysis and search best practices. As a US Patent Agent, he has coordinated all patent-related activities at a mobile messaging company and at an intellectual asset management software and services company, where these activities comprised, among others: patent portfolio management, invention disclosure and review leadership, freedom to operate projects, patentability searches, patent analysis, and internal corporate patent training. Scott has coordinated the activities of patent attorneys at several external patent law firms globally as well as assisted with patent portfolio acquisition due diligence.

Scott holds a Master's degree in Technology Systems with a concentration in Digital Communications from East Carolina University, and he received a BS in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University, graduating with honors and participating as a member of Eta Kappa Nu Electrical Engineering and Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Societies.

Wolf Mountain IP analysis includes review of industry standards and existing products/services to determine invention relevance and potential patent use and licensing opportunities, and Wolf Mountain IP reviews invention and patent documents to ascertain relative value. Wolf Mountain IP can also assist you with your patent brokerage opportunities. Patent analysis and searches are performed in scenic Asheville, NC.

Other Projects

Beyond patent analysis, Scott writes for The Patent Analyst blog, and has published patent-related software utilities. (select a project image to learn more)


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